YouTube Creator Suite

You will have access to a suite of custom-built tools tailored specifically for In Real Life streamers like yourself, aimed at enhancing audience engagement. Our primary focus centers on seamless YouTube API integrations, enabling you to capture real-time data and video statistics. These valuable insights can be leveraged by a bot linked to your channel, enabling you to trigger overlay events and further enhance your streaming experience.

Even though this software is still in beta and actively developed it is being successfully used in production


  • Use your Google YouTube API to access all your data
  • Bot can be linked to your Channels name instead of an using 3rd party authorised channels
  • Start and stop streams from your mobile device in the field
  • Live dashboard or supers and membership events
  • Overlay for OBS that is triggered by the processor
  • Software has no limitations on use – Google API has a low starting point but can be increased after 6 months.


There has to be a one time setup fee to setup API access on your accounts

If you interested in OBS Overlays these are hand crafted and the price depends how much chrestomatia you want to do.

The processor is hosted in a data centre that runs 24/7 and if configured as you need it.

Remote 4k SRT OBS server is available for use on a booking basis.