Customer Relation Management

You can rely on this software to effectively transition your small company from paper-based tracking to the digital age. Its core focus lies in catering to charities and charity management teams like yours, who engage in daily tasks such as making calls, collaborating with organizations, and applying for grants, all while maintaining a comprehensive history of events. It offers a robust suite of features, including a built-in reminder system, diary, task management, payment processing, annual target tracking, and printing capabilities to streamline your operations.


Corporate Direct Fundraising
This is a non-profit organisation that helps raise the ever so needed funds for charities like, Children In need, Cancer Research and Douglas Bouder Foundation

We have worked with this partner over a decade to converted a DOS and Paper run system into a bespoke CRM for the use in the non profit industry. We are proud to say that Corporate Direct core business depends on this system today!

The project turned successful when we boosted the productivity from the new CRM system and reached the unimaginable half million pound donations mark was set for year end of 2014 and going strong over a million in 2023.