IT Support

Information Technology (IT) support plays a crucial role in the modern business landscape, ensuring that all technological components function seamlessly to support organizational operations. IT support specialists are the unsung heroes who troubleshoot and resolve technical issues, ranging from simple password resets to complex network outages.

As companies embrace and move to the cloud for storage, collaboration and ways of working this allows to shift security and maintenance to industry class technicians. This is unlocks a lot of new potential but does not free you completely from the daily IT challenges.

We partner with Microsoft to provide the following business solutions

  • Exchange E3 (Email with advanced routing, virus scanning and spam detection)
  • Teams – Collaborate with colleagues on chat or video. Allows to integrate other applications. Also allows external users to work with you in your company space
  • OneDrive – 1TB per user (and 1TB Shared) secure and versioned online storage
  • Word, Excel, Outlook – Web or Desktop versions

On premise solutions can range from

  • Remote – Remote desktop support
  • Networking – New cable, point to point, WiFi and secure connections by Ubiquiti
  • NAS – Local Network Attached Storage build with world leading TrueNAS
  • Monitoring – 24/7 monitoring solutions for all above and any other business critical systems
  • Automation – Hardware and Software solutions for automating work processes or physical systems