You may find it noteworthy that the Automation industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar sector since 2015. While it has encountered occasional challenges and technical hiccups, the landscape has evolved significantly in 2023. Leading companies have proactively collaborated with the Matter Foundation, a notable industry consortium, to overcome these obstacles. The primary objective of this collaboration is to simplify the integration of products from different vendors, enabling seamless compatibility between various devices, thus enhancing the overall consumer experience.

Our main mission is to work with Home Assistant and utilise its powerful multi level OS, which can reliably run on Raspberry Pi or bigger servers. Although we find Apple Home Kit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa very interesting they only play the role of add-ons in this scenario.

We look to keep things private and very happy to keep all devices local. Matter enables just this which makes the home automation scene a lot more fascinating.

We primarily work with ESP-8266 or ESP32 devices and generally have been designing a lot of custom home automation based PCB’s