Easy Repair Management

Commonly known as RMA system. Here we are utilizing the widely recognized combination of Microsoft MVC and Angular, we have developed a lightweight yet highly efficient product designed for tracking repair activities. While the primary emphasis was placed on IT repair management, the system is versatile enough to be employed for monitoring various types of work operations.


  • Landing page has a quick and smart search based on key words, numbers and adresses
  • Create a customer database with names, addresses and contact details
  • Add repairs or anything that you would like to track the progress of
  • Simple way to add and assign engineers (or other staff)
  • Track by items by using the simple list of items
  • Capture information that is visible publiclly (for customer)
  • Capture internal informatio, parts and pricing visible only in the system
  • Print off pages for tracking


All in one dedicated hosting in datacentre with custom domain and database backup functionalities.

From £35 p/m


Tecnikk Computers
A computer repair store that required a new solution for booking and maintain repairs as well as embedding customer relationship management system. Live updates to customers via email or text messages, marketing solutions and feedback mechanisms.