SP 8266 Home Automation Module
Designed inhouse and assembled in the UK – The PCB that holds a 220vAC to 5v/3v converter and breaks out a ESP-8266-12E Module for under £5 per module.

This project prooved to be vital to many home automation projects.

C2533 Module
A business sensitive project to help a company in Mexico for specific vending machines. We created a special PCB using Texas Instrument low power CC2533 that will help this company achieve an innovative presence within the vast client base. The project i nvolves 8051 firmware design, a native Android application, and a MVC 5 customer website. More details after the product launches, soon…

Raspberry Pi
Published Raspberry Pi Server Essentials after getting heavily involved with this ARM based micro computer that runs Raspbian (Debian) Linux OS.

Published Raspberry Pi 2 Server Essentials which include updates to previous editions and new chapters, including Windows IoT

Long time prototypers in the Arduino hacker space.

As certified Microsoft Specialists it would be neglatible of us not to own and create some hardware solutions using the Netduino platform.

Data Recovery Specialist
With passion for hardware electronics and the constant issue of failing hard drives we tried to establish a Data Recovery Company with the limited resources we had. We can conclude that it was neither successful or unsuccessful. We certainly entered a niche marked filled with technological secrets but we pushed on and had many successful jobs, with clients still calling us today. Our failure was caused to the fact that we needed about £250,000 to properly set up the compan and the banks weren’t having it? We definitely have a rare insight into this technology that helps us in software development and server configurations better than most IT “professionals”.

  • Currently own a Deepspar Recovery suite for ad-hoc data recovery jobs