Kindertons Insurance Management
Delivering a new framework based on Command Query Responsibility Segregation to be used for all internal project rewrites. Framework based on CQRS, EventStore and Messages built using Event Driven Architecture pattern.

Domain Driven Development / Event Sourcing
Actor systems for distributed processing
Dotnet Core
Angular 6 + Angular Material
Fantics International
Greenfield Dotnet Core service rewrite for integration with ProductsUp for content syndication and feed management.

Realtime, highly efficient WebApi data streaming (Native Dotnet core – No Nancy)
Running on Linux
Tyres On The Drive
Hitting the ground running into a dedicated team of developers working on highly scalabe web api projects. A truly Service Orientated Architecutre with precicly designed layers to create the powerhouse behind this incredibe business.

Service Orientated Architecture (Micro Services) stack development
ASP.MVC 5 and WebAPI 2
NET Core
Brother International Europe
Working with an international team of developers, business analysts, testers and project managers. All with one motivation to create a Printer Management Portal for Europe and possible the world.

Test Driver Development within a highly complex C# .NET Solution
WebForms driven on the back end of Sitecore
HTML5 and JavaScript for front end
Large Data and extremly complex SQL Queries.
Leasing Options LTD
A leading online vehicle leasing provider but at the same time provide complex and business critical software solutions to for brokers and dealerships nationwide. This is an environment that I thrive in, where I can deliver technical solutions across Asterisk, Linux and Windows platforms. A fast paced environment with endless work to be done, work that helps businesses nationwide to make real money while making sure the client is well informed and always satisfied, proved with a rating of +9 on Trustpilot.

Porting of WebForms to MVC
Greenfield development of data drivern MV sites and Entity framework
Realtime user metric dashboards using SignalR 2
SQL Server.DAC for automated database deployemnt and upgrades for data driven Websites
Microsoft Dynamics implementation and ports
AngularJS and knockoutJS
Club Systems International
I was welcomed back on board as a contractor, to the Golfing software hub of Europe, and tasked with delivering an exciting free social Golfing portal. This is something for YOU! 🙂 Join Golfing Index and start keeping a record of your Social or Society games. The site offers score keeping with a pinch of professional Golfing ethics applied, Club and course ratings worldiwde and event searching. Find great new clubs to play at and take advantage of all those specialised Golfing deals waiting to be claimed!

Built with Repository Pattern, Unit Of Work, Entity Framwework and an MVC front end
Dependency Injection
HTML5, jQuery and Bootstrap V3
Central Manchester University Hospitals – NHS Trust
Public Sector contracting work for Saint Mary’s Hopsital at Manchester University Hospitals, continuing the development for an internal system used in, In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) management.

ASP Webfoms
Dependancy Injection
Façade Architecture
Entity Framework
System integration with 3rd party NHS providers. Stored Procedures and XML data implementation and Health Protocol implementations.
Raspberry Pi – Server Essentials
In Febraury 2014 I released my first book, titles Raspberry Pi Server Essentials, with the fantasic help of Packt Publishing. The book is mostly about configuring various scenarios that a user would like to achieve with open ended outcomes. The book may not be a best seller but in Ocotober I was informed that about 750 copies were sold worlwide.

Silkmoth – Tyres And Service
A permanent position I held for 2 years, primarily helping to design a single MVC Azure code base to drive thousands of websites, Tyres and Service Network branded as TyreClick. Inspired by Joel Spolsky’s Stack Exchange Core Engine, but focused around the tyre industry for the whole of the United Kingdom, with the goal of empowering local fitting centres and cutting out the middle man. (Sorry, that means you Black Circles) If you are in the UK give the Tyres And Service branch locator a go, I certainly did and found the experience very pleasing, if I say so myself.

Other roles included MVC greenfield developemnt for high profile company websites, like Burnt Tree Vehicle Sales and EAF Supply Chain

Maintanance of existing web forms code for Constructing Better Health health and safety management systems, mainly developed for Netowork Rail.

Club System International
After passing a few Microsoft Certification exams I was heartily welcomed in to Club Systems International as a Junior Software Developer. At Club Systems we putted golf balls in between cubicles, got expert golf tips from golfing professionals and went to the driving range, allot. Never the less, in the free time that I had, I worked hard to learn how to develop software in a commercial, team driven agile environment.

I had the opportunity to work on legacy Visual Basic 6 golf club management software, do maintenance in Web Forms for HowDidIDo Golfing Community, BRS golf booking integration, Golf Club Websites like Royal Aberdeen Golf Club, AND be a major part in developing a complete rewrite in MVC 3, branded as Club V1 (Named after I left, I take no credit for that). Truly a leader in Golfing software, possibly for the whole of Europe!

Previous Roles
Between 1999 and 2009 I was heavily involved in allot of IT and Telecommunications work in South Africa and Poland. I mainly gained experience in Windows technologies, PC hardware, CCTV and PBX/VoiP. I did so much work in so many various places that its impossible to list or remeber everything now.

I immigrated to UK around 2009 and pursued a career with Microsoft Technologies.