4K SRT OBS Hosting

If you require a remote OBS Server for running your overlays and plugins, we offer you a stable connection on dedicated hardware. You can stream SRT or RTMP, and effectively restream it to YouTube. You’ll appreciate several advantages, including unlimited 4K support and, most importantly, a seamless streaming experience without buffering, even when your source connection becomes unstable. Your YouTube viewers will not experience buffering and you can configure backup media to play while things stabilise.

We are trailing this service on a first come first server basis and we cannot guarantee all time slots are available.

  • Slots by the hour by appointment only
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Hardware 4K Ready
  • Remote Access
  • Ryzen 5-5600X 3.7Ghz on Win 11
  • RTX 3060 Ti for NVENC HEVC
  • Upscale / re-encode to H265 and stream direct to YouTube
  • 32GB RAM
  • At least 500Mbps Symmetrical Link on Load Balanced WAN

Since this is something new we are trying we are not 100% sure about the pricing. We think to keep time wasters away we will ask for a £100 initial payment, of which

  • Initial deduction of £50 to set you up
  • and then deduct £3 for every hour streamed
  • We think capping it £50 per month is fair even if you use more hours
  • after which just top up for more hours


We have been in collaboration with MaccAviation which is an emerging plane spotting channel over the past year and achieved incredible technical wins with them.