A few Independandt Projects that have been devloped by Kula Solutions LTD

Corporate Direct Fundraising

CDF is a non-profit organisation that helps raise the ever so needed funds for charities like, Children In need, Cancer Research, Douglas Bouder Foundation, etc.

This is a freelance business relationship that started in 2010, which developed from the common passion for technology between my self and the CEO at the time. We built a CRM system on Saturdays, Sundays and any other free time to spare, and the outcomes only fuelled more work transforming into a long term consultation business contact. We are proud to say that CDF's core business *depends* on this system today! The objective was to move the non-profit company from a legacy DOS based system to one where scalability, but most importantly where rapid development was present.

With the projected boost of productivity from the new CRM system, a half million pound donations mark was set for year end of 2014. A target that was out of reach with the legacy system but successfully reached on December 19th 2014!!! 

I am proud to have been included in such an important milestone for this growing company and we forsee many more records to be broken.

CRM, Invoices and Payroll - MVC 4, Linq2SQL Data and big data search optimisations.  


Tecnikk Computers

A computer repair store that required a new solution for booking and maintiang repairs aswell as baking in customer relationship management system. Live updates to customers via email or text messages, marketing solutions and feedback mechanisms.


A company based in Poland which requires an internal holiday management system across offices in Poland. Currently developing the software in MVC 5 and RavenDB.